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Your Invention Journey Begins Now

What is Mes & Co. ?

MES & Co LLC is a company that provides consulting services to assist inventors, innovators, and people with ideas on their Invention Journey. Some of those services include: Idea Research Reports, Provisional Patent, Product Sell Sheet, Product Explainer Video, and Licensing.

MES & Co LLC's journey started in 2012, I took courses, had mentors, coaches, bought many books & programs, joined inventor groups, attended conferences, and learned everything I could about Patents & Inventions. After having much success many people would ask me to also help them so that is why I started MES & Co in 2019. MES is my initials which spell “mess” so I decided to turn “my mess into my message.” This Invention Journey was not easy and took a long time but only because in the beginning there were not a lot of resources, it was very expensive and hard to understand which is what also prompted me to do what I’m doing today. The ways I overcame my most difficult obstacles were believing in myself & my goals even if no one else did, by never giving up, learning all I could, asking for help, and staying consistent.


Image by Dan Dimmock
Image by Keren Levand
Image by Sam McGhee

Phase 1: Inventor Learning

Phase 2: Patent Process

Phase 3: Product Licensing

Image by Mika Korhonen

Phase 4: Product Design Development

Invention Coach Videos

What to do when you got an idea: invention or new innovation? 
What is an Idea Research Report?! 
How To Make Money From Your Idea in 5 Steps
Patent Your Idea Course

Who is Maria?

Maria Lizi is a Patent Inventor and Invention Coach from Detroit, Michigan. She has quite the inventive spirit with multiple patents in USA & China, a few more patents pending, prototypes, multiple products and a few more in development. Maria Lizi - invent, development and sell products on Amazon, E-Commerce and multiple websites.

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